New Book in Progress

I am working on my eighth Reds book, and I swear, it will be my last.  Eight Reds books are more than any one person should ever do. The working title is The Cincinnati Reds Part II (1948—201?) I’m not sure exactly how long this will take me, thus the question mark at the end.  I do hope to finish it in my lifetime. Hah. But I would guess the book will include at least the 2014 season… and possibly 2015.

So why Part II?  The only other comprehensive history of the Reds was published 1948 and included every season in Reds history up to 1947. It was written by Lee Allen, and there is more on that book and on Lee in the introduction. Lee covered 70 seasons since 1876, plus the franchise’s legacy team, the 1869-70 Red Stockings. My new book will be the sequel, picking up where he left off, and will cover every season since. Each chapter will be devoted to one year.  (Allen’s book is available at the Reds Hall of Fame gift shop and online).

My goal is to publish excerpts once a week or so here on the Hall of Fame blog.  And tidbits from the research archives I am putting together that might not make the final work.  (You’ll be able to find all the book posts categorized under “From Greg Rhodes’s New Book.”) So check in frequently to see the work in progress.  These excerpts are a draft version, the final copy will likely be a little different, and so if you find mistakes or want to suggest a topic for a chapter, let me know.


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